What is a Water Thief?

Water thief is a term used to describe a water fitting that “steals” water from one application to use for another.

Fire Departments sometimes use a water thief when connecting a fire engine to a hydrant with only one outlet. This tool provides an extra valve-controlled water connection should the need arise. That’s good planning!



Autowaterkit uses the same concept in the chicken watering world. Our water thief comes in the form of a ported faucet, needle valve, and 50’ section of fire hose… eh … ¼ hdpe supply hose. Our water thief steals water from the garden hose to keep our automatic watering system full, yet leaves your faucet available for the garden or lawn.


Let’s say you’ve built your chicken coop near the garden so you can conveniently feed them scraps, and to allow them to turn the soil in the off-season.  You decide that filling the chicken waterer every day is something you’d rather not do, so you run down to the feed store and buy one of these auto-filling poo-catching contraptions. Great idea, but for this waterer you’ll have to attach your garden hose to keep it full. Now the garden hose has become a chicken hose and your tomatoes are starting to shrivel… terrible! 


Your options? 


1.    Buy a garden hose “splitter” or “wye” and add another garden hose. Connect both hoses to the faucet, and you’re good to go. A bit bulky, but it works.


2.    Use an Autowaterkit!  Aside from the Kit’s many other advantages, our water thief provides the water you need without tying up your garden hose. Additionally, a garden hose is overkill as only a small trickle of water, over time, is necessary to keep the reservoir full.