We understand that no two chicken/poultry coops are alike. We offer these options in the hope of giving our customers just what they need to meet the water requirements of their flock of friends. When placing your order, choose from the following options...there's no extra charge. If you have a special need, let us know! Remember, the Autowaterkit is versatile and expandable!

Option #1-Drinkers
Poultry Drinker Cups have a spring loaded trigger stem for positive shut-off of water. Water flows only when the birds beak is in the cup. No messy wet spots as with nipple drinkers. We think these drinker cups are the best thing ever! If you've spent any time cleaning and filling dirty waterers you'll love these. Read more Poultry Nipple Drinkers are the screw in style and are also a popular choice. The nipples are valves that dispense droplets of water when pecked. The 360 degree stainless steel nipple will work from any angle. Choosing these requires that you mount your manifold inside the pen and a bit higher, as the birds usually peck at these from below. Stainless Steel Rabbit Drinkers work the same as the chicken model...just not "chewable"! We offer this for our bunny keeping friends. The nipple works with the white pvc brackets we carry.
Option #2- Pipe Assembly
"T" Mount- This configuration is a good choice with drinker cups to supply two side-by-side pens. End Mount-Use this in a corner or to add number of drinkers in a pen.
Option #3- Reservoir Outlet

Bottom Outlet-This configuration is best if you can build a platform with a hole in the bottom. Less stress on the reservoir connection. We recommend this to assist in the long life of your reservoir.

Side Outlet-This configuration is best if you plan on setting your reservoir on a flat surface..

Option #4- Water Thief

"Water thief" is a term used to describe an appliance that "steals" water from one application to use for another. Our system allows you to tap into a nearby faucet while still keeping the it available for a needed garden hose. This is a great benefit! The pictures below show the options we offer. The white 1/4" hose goes to your reservoir. The garden hose shown is there to illustrate how it fits into the water thief. Before you order you'll need to know what size pipe your faucet connects to. This video should help.

3/4:Ported Faucet
Ported Adapter
Hose Adapter
hose adapter
This brand new faucet has a port on the side to accommodate the needle valve. Use these for new water pipe installation or to simply replace an old faucet
These ported adapters come in 1/2" and 3/4". They install between your existing pipe and faucet. We offer these for folks with 1/2" pipe or those who don't need or want a new faucet..
Sometimes faucets are soldered in place and cannot be removed without special tools. This adapter fits directly onto the hose connection of your faucet. The picture below shows how you can use a "wye" (not included) to create another connection for a garden hose.