Leaky Chicken Drinker Cup?

My wife and I attend a few poultry shows every year. In conversations with other chicken enthusiasts, I often ask how they are watering their birds, and if they’ve ever used poultry drinker cups. Most say they use the conventional store bought waterer, and that they are tired of filling and cleaning it! A few say they’ve tried automatic drinker cups but found that they leaked and caused a big mess.

I’d like to go on record as saying, a properly designed automatic system (with drinker cups) should not leak at all! A system with nipples will have a little waste as some water escapes when the bird pecks it. But even a system with nipples should not drip when “standing at the ready.”

Occasionally, a drinker cup plunger will not seat properly causing it to leak or flow freely. In most cases, this malfunction is caused by a piece of debris lodged at the seal, causing it to leak. If you are building a custom pipe assembly, be sure to flush it thoroughly before installing the drinkers, thus flushing any debris from inside the pipe which could cause a potential blockage in the cup. 

A “leaker” can be quickly remedied by pushing the plunger straight in to flush the seal. If this doesn’t work, you may also need to disassemble the cup to check the spring mechanism for debris, (see the image of expanded cup below).

The cup assembly simply unscrews from the bracket. The orange cup comes off with a quarter turn to the left. The plunger assembly prys out of the black base. Check the little red seal at the end of the plunger, and the spring for debris. Reassemble and give it a try.

If it still leaks, let me know and I'll send you a new cup ASAP!