Automatic Poultry Drinker Cups - Package of 5


Automatic drinker cups and nipples are designed for commercial poultry production and offer a very efficient and clean use of water. They are designed to be connected to a low pressure water source (less than 5 psi). This means that if you intend to use your domestic water source, you will need to incorporate a pressure regulator to reduce water pressure. Another option is to use an elevated water source. Pressure is generated at about 1/2 psi for every foot of elevation. Raising your water source 1-4 feet works fine for drinker cups and nipples.

How to Build the Pipe Assembly

For shipping purposes, the pipe assembly comes in two pieces. This video will show you how to glue them together so the drinkers aren't crooked! 

How to Build the Water Thief

Water Thief is a term used to describe a piece of equipment used to "steal" water from one application to use for another. The benefit of using this approach to fill an automatic poultry water system is that it leaves your garden hose free for other stuff. For more info please visit us at