Raising chickens can be a chore. Keeping our feathered friends supplied with clean fresh water is a big part of that daily work. We're firm believers that EVERYONE who keeps poultry will eventually come to the conclusion that automatic watering systems are the way to go! Autowaterkit.com is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to get your automatic poultry watering system up and running! Please consider contributing to our DIY Center to share your ideas on how to build the perfect poultry watering system!

The Truth About Autowaterkit!

I've had it wrong the whole time! Here I thought I was hitting the nail on the head when I told folks Autowaterkit would save them time, effort and money. But it wasn't until I met little Gabby Martinez from Copperopolis, CA that the the real purpose of Autowaterkit was revealed! By the way, Gabby belongs to the Angelus Ranus 4-H Club in Angels Camp, CA. She obviously has a bright future! Thanks Gabby!

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Pre-Assembled Kits

Every chicken coop needs an automatic watering system! Our kits are highly configurable, expandable and built to last. A small investment of time and money now will save you time and money for years to come...check them out!

DIY Kits

Save yourself some money and build your own automatic poultry watering system. You Provide the reservoir and some elbow grease, and we'll provide the rest.