The automatic watering system suitable for chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and other poultry!

Like a lot of folks these days, we enjoy keeping chickens! But as our flock grew we saw the need to come up with a better way to give our birds a continuous supply of fresh water. We experimented with a few ideas before coming up with the Drip Chick Series of watering systems. Our system uses the popular poultry drinker cups and other proven technology to keep our reservoir full at all times. We offer many configuration options to help our kit fit your particular needs. We hope you will take advantage of our time and work saving product!

Autowaterkit Drip Chick 1 logo Drip chick one large capacity chicken watering system

Drip-Chick 1 “Basic”

You fill this gravity fed automatic system with 5 long lasting gallons of water. Includes everything you see here with the option of either drinker cups or nipples. You also specify "T" (shown) or end mount pipe assembly, and side (shown) or bottom reservoir outlet. Read more

Drip chick 2 large capacity chicken watering system autofilling

Drip-Chick 2 “Supplied”

This auto-filling system comes with all the parts needed to keep your reservoir full at all times! It ships with the supply hose and hardware to tap into an existing garden faucet up to 40 feet away! Again, you specify either drinker cups or nipples, pipe assembly configuration, and reservoir outlet configuration. Read more

Drip Chick 3

Drip-Chick 3 “Custom”

This auto-filling package comes with all the same parts as a Drip-Chick 2 except for the pipe assembly. It is designed for the do-it-yourselfer who needs to supply many pens. It ships with the pvc adapter needed to connect to your custom pvc pipe system. Also, you specify the the number of drinker cups or nipples you want. Read more